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Who We are

Gruppo Rossi

We manage with land transport road since 1957. In all this time,we have seen a lot of little big “revolutions”: means, roads, business processes, technologies and new competitors. We haven’t stood yet. We always conformed to change seizing all the opportunities offered by moderns markets in terms of updating, innovation and integration.

Today, in less than 59 years away, Rossi’s group can boast not only an incomparable experience in the field,but also capacities and related skills, able to guarantee professionalism, forefront infrastructures and a wide range of specific facilities in order to suit every need, also trough integrated solutions.

The key of our success lies in the collaboration of well seven companies constituents the Group,providers of integrated logistic services and transport of goods for third parties, paint treatments for the automotive industry, consulting and quality control with FCA accreditation.

Reliability, punctuality, innovation together with an availability h24 service, are our strenght.

Rossi group of companies are:


  • 1957

    Luigi Rossi and his wife Anna founded the first individual transport company and named Rossi Luigi

  • 1988

    With the participation of his son Nicandro the company realizes significant investments. It born so Rossi and Mattarelli srl.

  • 1996

    Born the SDE srl, which performs on behalf of Silea assembly services of electrical cables.

  • 1998

    Born the SDE logistics, the first commercial office dedicated to the group purchases.

  • 2003

    with the sale of Silea, SDE srl. Converts its activity devoted to logistic services and providers.

  • 2008

    Rossi’s group invests in a new field: painting. It born so NIPA Srl.

  • 2009

    The newborn Nipa already leader in the painting area, acquires and incorporates the company Initiative 2 and begins its expansion on the territory.

  • 2012

    Born the L.S.P. D.O.O. that plays in Serbia the service provider service for Fiat and several other companies.

  • 2013

    Born the RLB srl, to the core support original trnsports business

  • 2014

    2014 Nipa srl acquires the property of Reina (Melfi), geographically strategic for the input and the operation on new markets.

  • 2015

    Rossi Luigi srl gains a new and wide stregic place placed at the FCA entrance OF Cassino, a whole of almost 50.000 mqof which 14.000 are covered.


ISO 9002:2008
OHSAS 18001:2007
ISOTS 16494