Verniciatura Gruppo Rossi


What is

Cataphoresis is a technique able to create a real physical barrier retardant reactions between oxygen and water with the metal surface. The result is an insulating layer that is resistant to electrochemical corrosion and alkaline attacks.

Cataphoresis is made of:
  • Catodic emulsion with micelles based on an epoxy-polyuretane chemistry
  • Dough: dispersion of pigments milled in resin
  • The film obtained after firing is chemically and phisycally resistant to external aggressions thanks to polyurethane ties

How it works

The painting process begins with the operation of electrodeposition: it is a painting method that uses electrical current to deposit the coating film through the principle of attraction of opposite charges.

To the pretreatment then follows the Cataphoresis that represents, so, the first layer of organic paint deposited on the details.

The process of immersion application ensures the whole corrosion protection of all the surface of the particular, both of the external and internal parties and of moulded.

Powder Coating

What is

The powder coating is a coating process of metal surfaces with an organic film, carried out for decorative purposes and/or protective by corrosion and aggressive agents. It is a treatment carried out in dry using as raw material several kinds of coloured powders epoxy- polyuretane for a decorative purpose and/or of protection from corrosion and aggressive agents)based on synthetic resins, which adheres by electrostatic effect, and then passed in an oven where because of the temperature the paint before melts and then polymerizes giving an adherent lawyer.

How it works

The transport vehicle is in this case the air, which is mixed to the powder within a suitable electrostatic gun. Powder’s adhesion to the surface to cover it is in fact due to the electrostatic effect, that is to the fact that is subjected to a negative electrical charge process while ther material onm which it is to be applied it is put in mass.

After being coated, the painted object is placed in aspecial oven where it undergoes a suitable “burning” process for a predetermined time, depending on the type and the paint color used; within the oven, the powder mwlts and polymerizes,forming an adherent and dense layer. The painting boot is in antistatic plastic mayterial with reinforcement sandwich panels and equipped with cyclone and filter assembly.

The color change system is quick type with automatic application system with N° 8 guns NORTON MODEL ENCORE.